Three, Yes Three Grand Final Wins !!!     

      and the Club Championship! 

September 19th 2020 - Newport has won three Grand Finals !!!
Playing at Macquarie University, our guys made history by winning the Colts (Nicholson Cup), 2nds (Farrant Cup) and 1sts (Clark Cup).
Colts won 22-13 against Beecroft
2nds won 49-15 against Old Ignatians
1sts won  35-19 against Beecroft
Colts and 1sts were also Minor Premiers with 1sts undefeated.
3rds bowed out in the Final last week.
Well Done everyone!
But especially...
President Jake Osborne and 1st Grade Coach Eddie Wayling.
The games were live streamed on CluchTV
But, we also shot other footage that can now be viewed here...
Finally, Thankyou to the NSW Rugby Suburban Administration
for navigating us through this challenging pandemic year.

Newport Rugby Club Blue and White Lunch 2020

Come join the triple premiers and their partners for the 2020 awards "Long Lunch".

THEME: Blue and White Formal (Races)

Ticket price includes;

- Beer & Wine Package (4 Hours)

- 2 Course Lunch

- Award Ceremony

- Guest Speakers

- Great Atmosphere and Day Out


Raffle tickets will be sold at the door to raise money for Injured Players 2020

Buy Tickets here:

Training is over, but normally happens at - 6.30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Full-contact training now permitted.


We will still be expected to pay Levies and Insurance for the season so please fellas...

Go here for easy ways to pay your fees. 


You MUST be registered to play via the Fusesport App.

It's easy - Just go to this Registration Page​

1. First Game was Saturday 18th July - away at Waterloo

We played Sydney Harlequins... 

Result: 3rds: Won 8-7, Colts: Won 45-19,  2nds: Won 17-8, 1sts: Won 33-10

2. First Home Game - Clean Sweep against Beecroft

Played on Sat 25th July with 1st Grade under our new lights at 5pm

Result: 3rds: Won 36-10, Colts: Won 22-0,  2nds: Won 27-5, 1sts: Won 45-10

3. First Bus Trip - Another Clean Sweep - against Hawkesbury Valley

Played on Sat 1st Aug.

Result:  3rds: Won 43-7, Colts: Won 17-10,  2nds: Won 22-3, 1sts: Won 22-10

Rnd 4. Home Game v Blacktown - A Fourth Clean Sweep!

Played on Sat 8th Aug

Result:  3rds: Won 36-7, Colts: Won 20-5,  2nds: Won 45-0, 1sts: Won 38-0

Videos of all Grades v Blacktown...

Rnd 5. Away to Briars at Concord -  A Fifth Clean Sweep!

Played on Sat 15th Aug

Result:  3rds: Won 43-7, Colts: Won 27-0,  2nds: Won 43-0, 1sts: Won 49-17

Videos of all Grades v Briars are now here...

Rnd 6.  Away to Old Ignatians at Ryde Park

Played on Sat 29 Aug

Result: 3rds Lost: 34-12, Colts Lost: 19-17, 2nds Lost: 31-24, 1sts Won: 30-19

Videos of all Grades v Old Ignatians are now here...

Rnd 7.  Home to Hawkesbury Ag at Porter Reserve

Played Sat 5 Sept

Result: 3rds: Won 28-0 on Forfeit Colts:  Won 50-0, 2nds: Won 78-7, 1sts: Won 52-15

Videos of 3 Grades v HAC are here...


Newport has won the Club Championship & came 2nd in the Cowboy Cup - only beaten by Mosman in Div 1 who have more teams.

Top 4 Standings were... 

1st Grade - Newport (33), Beecroft (29), Old Ignatians (26), Briars (20) 

2nd Grade - Old Ignatians (35), Newport (31), Beecroft (22), Briars (20 

Colts  - Newport (30), Beecroft (28), Hawkesbury Valley (23), Old Ignatians (23) 

3rd Grade - Old Ignatians (30), Beecroft (29), Newport (29), Blacktown (16)

​Semi Finals...

Played Sat 12 Sept at Norford Park, Sefton.


3rds: Lost 18 - 5 to Beecroft. Old Iggies play Beecoft in GF.
Colts: Won 36 - 26 v Old Iggies. Newport play Beecroft in GF.

2nds: Won 48 - 0 v Beecroft.  Newport play Old Iggies in GF.

1sts:  Won 24 - 16 v Briars.  Newport play Beecroft in GF.

Videos of all 4 Grades in the Semis are here...

All grades were also live streamed on Cluch TV



August 21st - Latest Email from Subbies...

From: Tim Richards 
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020, 3:08 pm
Subject: 2020 Finals Series

Just a quick note re the 2020 Finals Series.

Due to covid we obviously can’t run our finals series as we normally would, nor as we would like.
Details are still being worked on but some things to note and consider below.
At this stage:

    Attendees at finals series matches will be limited.
    Participating teams will get an allocation of tickets.
    Beyond that allocation no one else will be admitted.
    Please let your supporters know.

As all matches will need to be played at gated and enclosed venues (which are in short supply) we are looking at:

    Some matches needing to be played on Sunday, or Friday evening.
    Some matches may need to be played considerably earlier or later than usual on the Saturday.

We will need to be flexible and changes to the schedule may be possible, if desired, depending on the makeup of the final four in any particular competition.
We’ll be getting schedules and finals info out ASAP. In the meantime, happy to have your feedback.

Finally, remember any player registered after Sat 29 Aug (Sat 5 Sep for Div 1) shall not be eligible to play in the finals series.

Tim Richards

August 19th - Email from Subbies...

From: Tim Richards of NSW Rugby
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 7:45 pm

Most would be aware of the latest high level recommendations by NSW Health in relation to Community Sport.


NSW Suburban Rugby is pleased to confirm community rugby will continue this weekend as planned.


The NSW Health recommendations will mean some changes occur, however the covid safety plans already adopted by rugby, and rugby clubs, will allow for regular fixtures to continue. 


NSW Rugby, together with other major sporting codes, welcomes NSW Health’s common sense approach that will allow each State Sporting Organisation to tailor their implementation of the recommendations while allowing community sport to continue.  


Please see attached and below the recommendations that will be implemented with additional details to come in the following days. 


For Subbies Clubs:

  • Actively discourage all spectators attending your matches. SPREAD THE WORD. A true “supporter” should not be jeopardising their club and the competition by attending a Subbies match as a spectator.

  • PARTICIPANTS ONLY – and even then it is, “get in, play, get out”. Only reserves and volunteers may remain at the venue after their game.

  • Cease face-to-face social activities such as post-match or post-training events.

  • Avoid carpools and cease all club organised away bus trips.

  • Utilize NSW Rugby TV on Cluch to livestream your games so that spectators can still watch from home. Contact Gus Seebeck from Cluch:     0488 019 881


Good luck. Stay safe.

August 5th - Directives from Subbies...

Effective immediately, regardless of what your Safety Plan and your Council requires, all Suburban Rugby Clubs must now follow these NEW DIRECTIVES:

  • Clubs that play on a fenced oval (i.e. a cricket ground) will be required to prohibit spectators from entering the oval. Only reserves ​and team/match officials - NO ONE ELSE  – will be allowed on the sideline, and all must be properly spaced.

  • At all other venues, home clubs will be required to designate the two sidelines as Home and Away and ensure both clubs – players, volunteers, medical personnel, spectators – keep to their respective sides, again all properly spaced. (If only one sideline is available there must be a clear and obvious distance between the two Clubs AND social distancing spaces must be maintained and enforced.)

  • All clubs are to proactively patrol their sidelines throughout the day and enforce social distancing. For bigger clubs this will require more than one person and so extra Covid safety volunteers will need to be in place to make sure these directives are being carried out.

  • All clubs are to direct their players to “get in, play, get out”. Only reserves and volunteers may remain at the venue after their game. Players are not to be spectators. Clubs should reconsider the necessity of any planned away game bus trips.

  • Clubs should use social media and communications with supporters to discourage attendance at matches. 

  • NSW Rugby TV on Cluch can provide livestreams of your games so that supporters can watch remotely. There is a cost, but clubs should consider NSW Rugby TV as another possible tool in their Covid Safety Plan. Contact Gus Seebeck from Cluch:     0488 019 881

  • Please again make sure your club officials are familiar with your Covid Safety Plan and the above new directives.


The above is IN ADDITION to the existing training and game day protocols:

  • Change rooms, where possible, are not be used for pre or post-match team gatherings or team talks

  • All teams should have as part of their team kit a supply of disinfectant wipes.

  • The sharing of water bottles is prohibited. Players are to provide their own clearly marked water bottles so that it is easily identifiable to all.

  • Dirty jerseys not be shared between players. Ensure adequate clean jerseys for each starting lineup and eight reserves/team.

  • Don’t leave playing equipment and team apparel lying around. Clean it. Store it.

  • Your physios should be across this, but physio tables, medical areas are to be thoroughly cleaned between “patients”.

  • At the conclusion of the match, teams must vacate the playing area and remove any equipment, apparel and used tape from the area.

  • Clubs who can run a canteen with council approval, must maintain and enforce the social distancing rules for those waiting for service.

July 1st - Health orders from Subbies...​



A new Public Health Order was issued last night affecting Subbies Rugby with immediate effect.




  • Each club must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan. (You should have already done this, but may now need amending.)

    • Click the link for the government approved COVID-19 safety checklist

    • Keep a copy of the Safety Plan and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer as requested.

    • Good resources for you at the NSW Office of Sport


  • Limits for training and match days is now 500 people. This includes EVERYONE – players, coaches, managers, medical, committee, volunteers and spectators.

  • Full contact training and matches are allowed.

  • All training equipment is allowed.


  • We are advised that clubs are not required to collect people’s contact details – particularly if they are entering your canteen or clubhouse solely for the purpose of collecting food or drink to consume outside. CHECK WITH YOUR COUNCIL.

  • Clubs are still required, as previously advised, to get ALL MEMBERS of your club to register themselves via the Fusesport Rugby App – Players, Coaches, Managers, Physios, Canteen workers, Committee, Volunteers, etc

  • BBs/supporters should also register with Fusesport and instructions are here.

  • Even if you already have the App, please use the "Register" option to enter your name as a supporter.









The Newport Breakers Rugby Club are looking for players to join us.

Have you recently moved to the area? Do you like the idea of playing at one of Australia’s most picturesque home grounds with the ocean as a backdrop? Are you looking for a new club to turn out for? Are you travelling and looking for a rugby club to be a part of? Are you looking for 70 or so mates to hang out with on Saturdays and a couple of nights a week?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions we invite you to come down to pre-season training at Porter Reserve on any Thursday, starting at 6.30 pm.



Our 2020 season now commences on July 18th and ends with the Grand Final on September 19th.

In other (non-pandemic) years - if you're from overseas, we could help you find accommodation and work whilst you get fit with us and

still return in time for your

northern hemisphere season.

The Newport Breakers are a club

that prides itself on its history, its connections with the community

and its support for its players.

We are located only 2 beaches

south of SUMMER BAY


All member enquiries can be sent to or via Facebook Messenger to this page.






The Breakers  field 3 Senior teams plus Colts and currently compete in the 3rd Division competition (Clark Cup).

Newport believes in mateship, hardwork and fun - with a strong community based ethos. The majority of our players are resident on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The club has in excess of 250 registered players and officials, and we pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the most successful clubs in the NSW Suburban competition.

Our home ground is located at Porter Reserve, Burke Street, Newport and we offer players and supporters the benefit of our own club house adjacent to the ground following home games.

Our Clubhouse

Our Surf

Our Ladies Day

Who we play in 2020 and Where

Kick off times throughout the season are as follows...

3rd Grade (Campbell Cup) -  11.40 am   
Colts (Nicholson Cup)        -  12.45 pm   
2nd Grade (Farrant Cup)   -   2.00 pm    
1st Grade (Clark Cup)        -   3.15 pm    

Holistic Physio Fitness

Our club is very fortunate to have the Physiotherapy and Medical services of Holistic Physio Fitness.

All their therapists are dual qualified Masters of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologists.

Craig, Ryan, Zach and Andrew all have extensive experience with sporting injuries with Zach currently

also a physio for the Manly Sea Eagles squad. 


If you have an injury from training or the weekend's games that needs to be assessed or treated, get in touch!!! Make sure you stay on top of your body so every grade has the best chance to field full teams each week.  



  •   Call 9999 6666 to be talked through any insurance claims. 

  •   Call and ask to speak to Andrew for free injury advice if you are unsure before potentially making a booking.

  •   Onsite gym and also free access to Fitness First Mona Vale for rehab.

  •   Reduced rates for those not on insurance coverage.

Phone: 02 9999 6666


Address:  84 Barrenjoey Rd, Mona Vale.



Moape Ravuvu  1979 - 2012 

The Newport Breakers Rugby community continues in mourning as it struggles to come to terms with the passing of one of its favourite sons, Moape Ravuvu.
“Mo’’ as he was affectionately known collapsed at the end of Newport’s 2nd grade fixture against the St Ives Rugby Club on 26 May 2012. He sadly passed away and is survived by his loving wife Julie and their beautiful children aged 2, 5, and 12.

Newport is a Good Sports Club 

Newport Rugby Club is proud to become a Level 3 Accredited Good Sports Club.
Newport Rugby Club is dedicated to providing healthier food choices for our players and supporters. Newport have the highest accreditation on the North Shore.



Porter Reserve, Burke Street, 

(off Barrenjoey Rd)

Newport NSW, 2106

Ph: Shane Pretty 0400 860 665

Please note...

This is the Contacts page for Newport Seniors and NOT Juniors.
Registrations for new rugby players from U6’s to U18’s are through the Newport Junior Rugby Club. You can find the instructions for Juniors registration here:

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