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Next Game - This Saturday 6 Aug 2022...

Round 11 Delayed Fixture - Away to Beecroft

Headen Park, 6 Sinclair Ave, Thornleigh NSW 2120

President's Message... 

1s, 2s, 3s and Colts 

This is a Makeup game that could put us in a great spot if we win


Then the following week: Sat 13 Aug 2022

Away to Lindfield - Two Buses - One for Supporters!

Jake writes:

Next week is simply one of the biggest we have had in recent years

Not only do we have ALL Newport teams set to take on Lindfield in what is the most packed rugby schedule, but we have a shot at bringing home the Club Championships for Div 2, which hasn't been achieved since the 90s.

It is a TOP 4 clash in EVERY GRADE.

Here is the proposed schedule:

9.45am  - 4th Grade

10.40am - Womens Round Robin vs Lindfield and UNSW

11.40am - 3rd Grade vs Lindfield

12.15pm - O35s vs Lindfield on Lower Field (Field No 2)

2pm         - 2nd Grade

3.15pm    - 1st Grade

5pm         -  Post Match attempt to have the longest boat race in history -

                     Guiness Book of World Record Attempt.


 Lindfield has their Ladies Day and they will be putting on drinks/food etc.

We have 2 buses booked, a player bus(69 seater) and a supporters bus (57 seater). The times in which we can leave will be discussed early next week, once we gauge numbers. Any cash needed will be decided then too.

This is an enormous opportunity to combine Spectators, BBs, Seniors, Womens and O35s in an event that has NEVER happened before.

Possibility of a Pittwater RSL drop off on the way back.

Exciting stuff!


Last Game - 9th July 2022

Was Home v Blacktown (our delayed fixture)

Only 2 games - Colts at 2pm, 1sts at 3.15pm...

Result - Clean Sweep!...

1sts won 60 - 0, Colts won 36 - 0 

2nds, 3rds and 4ths were all forfeits 

A great sunny day enjoyed by a goodly crowd

Blacktown were a decent opposition who are clearly struggling for numbers 

Teams v Blacktown were...

1st XV at 3.15pm...                       Colts U21s XV at 2.00pm               
1. Sam Macarthur                           Zane Farquharson                        
2. Jed Cram    1 Try                          Oliver Webster    1 Try                           

3. Ryley Hayes                                 Tyson Farrell                           

4. Tom Land                                     Liam Brennan    1 Try                                
5. Matt Andrews                              Jackson Upton                          
6. Charlie Einspinner                      Theo Lloyd                                       

7. Bryton Caldwell                           Jack Schofield     1 Try                             
8. Josh Baczkowski                          Liam Brown                                 
9. Nick Fretton     1 Try                   Zac Telfer     3 Conv                                  
10. Seb Allen                                    Tom Baum                           
11.Sam Wayling    1 Try                  Joshua Kamara     1 Try                                
12. Connor Bradshaw                    Hugo Regan                       
13. Chandler Walton   4 Conv       Alex Soprenic                                               
14. Remy Kovacevich   2 Tries       Cameron Glasgow    1 Try               

15. Sam Groom        3 Tries            Michael Vacini

 16. Dave Hart                                  Jayme Feehely

 17. Tenny James                             Aiden Whereat

 18. Tim Ansty                                  Denny Keogh 

 19. Teks Mafileo     1 Try                Oscar Bentley

  20. Lachlan Grant                          Cooper McMichael    

  21. Cameron Pitts                          Joel Loadsman

  22. Hugh Sweeney   1 Try             Jacob Ferris

  23. Zac Telfer            1 Conv          Fin Pound     1 Try   


Jake (our President) wrote of the day...

Thanks for all that helped out yesterday and what a splendid effort from colts and 1s.

I'd like to appreciate the effort from Blacktown yesterday who came to Newport completely under strength and put in a real effort, giving us a solid game in both grades. It wasn't that long ago that we struggled for numbers at away games and all had to play multiple games each day. Let's be grateful for how things have progressed and respect teams that are struggling yet still have a crack..

As it stands:

1st = Top of ladder

2nd = 2nd place

Colts = Top of ladder

3rd = 2nd place

4th = 2nd place

Div 2 Club Champs = 1st

Cowboy Cup = 1st

Huge effort but time to refocus and reenergise. We have a big shot at multi premierships this year..

This week we have a bye! Grade isn't training as Greg Lee is giving the boys time to refresh. Colts only training Thursday.

Wednesday, I've booked the auditorium at RSL for everyone to get together and watch the origin decider for a bit of bonding.

Well done so far this year everyone.. but the tough part starts against Beecroft at Headon Park in 2 weeks… they'll be up for it..

This was the Colts (U21) team after their 36 - 0 victory...

Colts v Blacktown 9 July 2022.jpg

And in 1st Grade...

Nick Fretton broke through this lot to score under the posts...


Both games were on   Cluch   

Some "End of Field" tries can also be seen here:    Colts   and   1sts   

Previous Saturday - 2nd July 2022

Home v Old Ignatians

Only 2 games - 2nds and 1sts from 2pm...

Family Day was cancelled and weather was continuous rain

Like this (when Frank dived over)...


And Results were...

1st Grade:    Newport 41  Old Ignatians  7

2nd Grade:   Newport 24  Old Ignatians  0

Jake had this to say on FB....

Good wins yesterday fellas...
Terrible weather but at least we got the choccies..

Big Thank You goes out to;

  • Zac Telfer Zac Meatchem Olly Osborn Alex Soprenic Frank Kamara and Olly Webster who stepped up to back up for 2s!

  • Paul Evans and Christine Evans for going to the effort of putting food and drink on for everyone yesterday

  • Angus James who came down not only to help out with footy but AGAIN was touchy for 1s in the pouring rain.. THANK YOU for all your hard work mate.

  • Dylan Matthes For running line in 2s

  • ALL COACHES who came down to support and help however they could

  • EVERYONE who set up the field and packed it up - Tenny James Jed Cram

  • ALL who were down there to support. It was a miserable day!

    Training this week will likely be off the field and I will be surprised if open next weekend..

Currently we sit 1st on the Cowboy cup, with Blacktown to go. Lindfield were washed out against Harlequins and Colleagues against Forest. So we need to keep the foot on the throat over the next month or so..

Teams on Saturday were...

1st XV at 3.15pm...                       2nd XV at 2.00pm               
1. Sam Macarthur                           Jordan Rides                        
2. Jed Cram    1 Try                         Tenny James                               

3. Ryley Hayes                                 Dylan Matthes                           

4. Tom Land                                     Mark Burns                               
5. Josh Baczkowski                          Matt Andrews   1 Try                            
6. Charlie Einspinner                      Seva Rokoduru                                       

7. Bryton Caldwell                          Callum Bowden                             
8. Tom Bowden                               Tex Mafileo    1 Try                                    
9. Seb Allen                                      Hugh Sweeney                                     
10. Jeremy Allen  2 Tries   3 Cnv   Harry Hewitson    1 Try                             
11. Nick Fretton                               Cameron Pitts                                   
12. Connor Bradshaw                     Ben Loudon                       
13. Chandler Walton                       Ben Bond                                               
14. Remy Kovacevich                      Thomas Condon    Y                

15. Sam Groom         1 Try              Harrison Condon                          

       Oliver Webster   1 Try               Dave Hart

       Frank  Kamara    2 Tries           Tim Ainsty

       Zac Telfer                                    Marcus Delana      Y   

       Hugh Sweeney                           Zac Meacham   1 Try    2 Cnv             

Standings after Round 9...


Barraclough Cup (1sts) Standings after Round 9...


Stockdale Cup (2nds) Standings after Round 9...


Robertson Cup (Colts) Standings after Round 9...


Blunt Cup (3rds) Standings after Round 9...


Richardson Cup (4ths) Standings after Round 9...


Saturday - 25th June 2022 was Away to UNSW...


1st Grade:  Newport 21  - UNSW 29

2nd Grade: Newport 14  - UNSW 16

Colts:           Newport 41  - UNSW  5

3rd Grade:  Newport 7    - UNSW 16

4th Grade:  Newport  0   - UNSW 15

Breakette 7s:  ?

President Jake wrote of the day...

Evening fellas..

Unlucky today. Tough with many out of action and UNSW showing up with a solid outfit across all grades.. nothing i dont think each grade cant handle come finals time.

We learnt some lessons;

1. Every single player in this club is super valuable. Many people doubled up today and THANKYOU to those that stuck their hand up to do so... Frank Kamara Cooper Mcmichael James Finn Zac Telfer to name a few (many many more) and a shout our to Harry Condon who played all of 2s and 1s on debut.. legend

2. Away games are what counts.. gone are the days of only being able to play home games.. we are always a force at home but solid clubs need to travel..

3. We can beat any team in any grade.. today we limped through 5 grades and only just fell short.. imagine if we train consistently and show up in numbers to rock the boat..

Iggies at Home next week fellas

Hope you all enjoy a schooner tonight


Jake also played a great kicking game as the 2nd grade 5/8th 


Teams that played UNSW...

1st XV at 3.15pm...          2nd XV at 2.00pm          Colts at 12.45pm    3rds at 11.40am        4ths at 10.45am
1. Jordan Rides                  Dylan Matthes                  J Farquharson          B Williams                    L Brown
2. Jed Cram                        Tenny James                      K Gale   Y                  O Pound                       C Morgan

3. Ryley Hayes     Y            Sam MacArthur                O Webster                C Morgan                      J Korolala    

4. Tom Land                       Mark Burns                       L Brenan                   Kemba Vuata               O Bentley
5. Matt Alexander             Matt Andrews                   J Upton                      W Anae                         C McMichael
6. Charlie Einspinner        Josh Backowski                T Lloyd                       Z Meacham                  J Finn

7. Tom Bowden                 Bryton Caldwell    Y          Z Hill                          Seb Allan                      J Feehely
8. Byron Scott                    Seva Rokoduru                 B Minness   1 Try     Ken Vuata                    Unassigned
9. Nick Fretton                   Hugh Sweeney   2 Cnv    Z Telfer  1 Cv 1Pn     Z Telfer                          Z Telfer
10. Jeremy Allen  3 Cnv     Jake Osborne                   H Regan   1 Try         F Garcia                        T Allen
11. Louie Keysell               Cameron Pitts                   J Kamara                   J Preston                       J Loadsman
12. Connor Bradshaw      Lachlan Grant                   A Soprenic   2 Tries B Loudon                      D Keogh
13. Taquin Fahey  2 Tries  Frank Kamara   1 Try      O Osborn                  B Bond   1 Cnv             B Bond    
14. Remy Kovacevich        Harrison Condon  1 Try  C Glasgow  1 Try      W Dunn                        A Whereat  

15. Sam Wayling    1 Try   Tom Condon                     F Kamara                  J Finn   1 Try                  J Kamara 

       Seva Rokoduru   Y                                                  M Vacini 1 Try 3Cv                                           


Ladies Day at The Newport...











View more of our beautiful ladies (60 of them)  via this link 

(Also contains video of the Boat race etc)


1sts, 2nds and Colts were on  Cluch 

Then a video of Breakettes v Petersham  is here 

And 4th grade footage  is here 


And a Clean Sweep for our Ladies Day!


Saturday - 18th June 2022


1st Grade:  Newport 31  - Old Barker 14

2nd Grade: Newport 33  - Old Barker 0

Colts:           Newport 26  - Old Barker 0

3rd Grade:  Newport 81  - Epping 3

4th Grade:  Newport 28  - Epping 0

Breakette 7s:  Newport 62  - Petersham 0

And on   Facebook   our President wrote of the day... 

What a day!

Big thank you goes out to Luke Duesbury and Joey Osborne for running ladies and ensuring they were havjng a great day.

To Ashlee Green and Jayne Em for the decorations and making rhe clubhouse look awesome

To Christine Evans, Lupe Tali Lomu, Grizza Pound and Paul Evans for the tireless work behind the BBQ and Bar yesterday. Something we are so appreciative of every week.

To Tenny James for doing all the bits and pieces around the ground yesterday, making sure everything was sorted and packed up..

Steve Hewitson and Cameron Greaves for all of the work up at the newport yesterday. Much appreciated.

But most importantly, to the players who got absolutely stuck in across all grades yesterday..

This upcoming week is a ‘championship’ week! Its back against a Div 2 club that is going to want to put it to us..

Lets get to training and get ready for next Saturday out against UNSW.


Up the breakers

The Newport Movie.jpg

The Breakettes - after their huge 62 - 0  Ladies Day Victory...

Breakettes v Pteresham1.jpg

Teams on Ladies Day...

1st XV at 3.15pm...          2nd XV at 2.00pm          Colts at 12.45pm    3rds at 11.40am        4ths at 10.00am
1. Jordan Rides                   Dylan Matthes   1 Try      J Farquharson          B Williams                    C McMichael   1 Try 
2. Jed Cram                         Will Evans                          K Gale     1 Try          O Pound                       F Kamara

3. Ryley Hayes                    Sam MacArthur                O Webster                 N Knight                       J Korolala    

4. Matt Alexander              Josh Baczkowski               T Whalan                   Kemba Vuata 1 Try    Andrew Tuckett  300th 
5. Matt Andrews                 Mark Burns     1 Try          J Upton    1 Try         W Anae   1 Try             Z Meacham
6. Charlie Einspinner         Tenny James                      T Lloyd                       Z Meacham   8 Cnv    L Brennan
7. Tom Bowden                   Bryton Caldwell                Z Hill                           S James   3 Tries        O Bentley
8. Seva Rokoduru               Dylan Farrell                      B Minness   1 Try      Ken Vuata                   J Feehely
9. Seb Allen  1 Try               Hugh Sweeney    1 Try     Z Telfer      3 Cnv      H Sweeney                  Z Telfer  1 Try  4Cnv 
10. Jeremy Allen  3 Cnv      Jake Osborne                    H Regan                     F Garcia                      T Allen   2 Tries 
11. Remy Kovacevich 1Try Cameron Pitts                   F Kamara     Y            J Preston    1 Try        D Keogh
12. Connor Bradshaw        Lachlan Grant                   W Golden   1 Try      B Loudon   1 Try        C Glasgow
13. Tom Fahey     2 Tries    Sam Wayling    2 tries      O Osborn                  B Bond                        F Pound    
14. Louie Keysell  1 Try      Harrison Condon              A Whereat                T Condon  1 Try         J Loadsman  

15. Sam Groom                   Nick Fretton    8 Cnv         J Ferris                       Unassigned                J Kamara 

                                                                                                                                                                  A Lanford  

Thursday June 9th...

Our Colts played Lindfield under lights.

It was their abandoned game from earlier

See a video of the full colts game     here   

The Team...

1. Zane Farquharson

2. Hamish Webster                    16. Cooper McMichael

3. Joseph Korolala                      17. Frank Kamara  Try 

4. Jackson Upton                        18. Jayme Feehely 

5. Liam Brennan                         19. Oscar Bentley

6. Jack Schofield                         20. Joel Loadsman

7. Ben Minness                           21. Cameron Glasgow

8. Liam Brown                            22. Aiden Whereat  

9. Zac Telfer   3 Cnv                   23. Fin Pound   

10. Tom Baum   Try                   24. Kye Gale

11. Josh Kamara                         25. Zac Hill

12. Hugo Regan

13. Alex Soprenic   Try 

14. Oliver Osborn

15. Jacob Ferris

SATURDAY - 4th June 2022




Barraclough Cup (1sts)  -   2.15pm     Won by Newport: 28 - 5 over SH 

Stockdale Cup (2nds)        -   1.00pm      Won by Newport:  21 - 10 over SH

Robertson Colts (Colts)     -  11.45am     Lost by Newport: 18 - 14 to Eastern Suburbs

Blunt Cup (3rds)                 -  10.40am     Won by Newport: 18 - 12 over SH

Richardson Cup (4ths)       -                      Sydney Harlequins have no 4th grade

To view 1sts, 2nds and Colts - use  Cluch  - then NSW Rugby TV

1st XV at 2.15pm...            2nd XV at 1.00pm       Colts at 11.45am      3rds at 10.40am
1. Moses Keresi                   Jordan Rides                  Zane Farquharson     B Scott Williams 
2. Jed Cram                          Tenny James                  Kye Gale                       Ollie Pound
3. Ryley Hayes                     Sam McArthur  Try       Oliver Webster            Joseph Korolala
4. Mark Burns                     Dylan Matthes   Try      Tom Whalan                 Joel Preston
5. Matt Andrews                  Josh Baczkowski            Jackson Upton            Liam Brennan
6. Tom Land   Try                Charlie Einspinner        Ben Minness  Try        Ken Vuata
7. T Bowden                         Bryton Caldwell             Zac Hill                         Seb James
8. Seva Rokoduru                Teks Mafileo                  Liam Brown                  Dylan Farrell
9. Seb Allen                           Harry Hewitson             Cooper McMichael     Hugh Sweeney
10. Jeremy Allen  3 Cnv       Jake Osborne                 Tom Baum                   Fred Garcia
11. Remy Kovacvich   Y       Cameron Pitts               Josh Kamara   Try        Tom Allen   
12. Connor Bradshaw         Lachlan Grant  Try       Will Golden  B   2 Cnv  Ben Loudon
13. Taquin Fahey  2 Tries    Alex Soprenic                Hugo Regan                 Ben Bond   Try 
14. Louie Kelsall   1 Try       Harrison Condon          Oliver Osborn              Tom Condon  Try 
15. Sam Groom                    Nick Fretton  3 Cnv       Jacob Ferris                  C Walton                       16. Nick Fretton 
 1 Cnv                                                                                       James Finn  Try  

                                                                                                                                Zac Meatchem  Pen 





Wins in all grades against one of the best clubs in our comp - at THEIR ground.

Barraclough Cup (1sts)   - Newport: 34     Hills: 26

Stockdale Cup (2nds)      - Newport: 32     Hills: 10

Robertson Colts (Colts)  -  Newport: 11     Hills: 5

Blunt Cup (3rds)              -  Newport: 28     Hills: 15

Richardson Cup (4ths)   -   Newport: 29     Hills: 14

1st XV at 3.15pm...        2nd XV at 2.00pm          Colts at 12.45pm      3rds at 11.40am      4ths at 10.45am
1. Sam Macarthur            J Rides                                  J Korolala                  B Williams                  H Webster
2. Jed Cram                       W Evans                               K Gale                       O Pound                      O Bentley
3. Ryley Hayes                  Dylan Matthes  2 Tries      O Webster                N Knight                      Unassigned    

4. Tom Land                      Matt Andrews   1 Try         T Whalan                  S  Knight                      Unassigned
5. Mark Burns                   Josh Baczkowski                 J Upton                     W Anae                        J Preston
6. Tom Land                      Tenny James                       T Lloyd                      S James                        B Minness   
7. Tom Bowden                Bryton Caldwell                 J Schofield                 K Vuata                    Z Hill   
8. Seva Rokoduru            Teks Mafilio       1 Try         L Brown                    D Farrell                       K Vuata
9. Seb Allen    Y                 Luke Poynting                    Z Telfer                     H Sweeney  4 Cnv       C McMichael
10. Jeremy Allen  1P 3C    Jake Osborne                     T Baum                     H Hewitson                T Allen  1 Try 
11. Nick Fretton                Cameron Pitts                    F Kamara  1 Try       J Kamara  2 Tries        J Loadsman
12. Connor Bradshaw      Lachlan Grant                    W Golden  Y   2 P    B Loudon                     F Garcia     
13. Tom Fahey                   Remy Kovacevich 1P 2C   A Soprenic               H Regan    1 Try          J Kamara    
14. Louie Keysell 4 Trs  Sam Wayling   1 Try           O Osborn               T Condon  1 Try          A Whereat  1 Try 

15. Sam Groom     1 Try   Harrison Condon               S Essenstam           C Walton                      J Ferris       2 Cnv 

                                                                                                                                                                  F Kamara  2 Tries  

Cluch Womens 7s.png

To view 1sts, 2nds and Colts - use  Cluch  - then NSW Rugby TV

3rd Grade Video can be viewed  here 

4th Grade Video is  here 



The game against Blacktown was postponed due to lack of numbers by them.

They are struggling for numbers and it is most likely that it will be pushed until either the June long weekend OR August wet weather weekend.

LAST HOME GAME - 7 May 2022...

Clean Sweep at the Portress

But "Thank you" Beecroft for staying back afterwards

You're a Good Club

Results from last Saturday were...

Barraclough Cup (1sts)   - Newport: 67     Beecroft: 5

Stockdale Cup (2nds)      - Newport: 19    Beecroft: 5

Robertson Colts (Colts)  -  Newport: 33     Beecroft: 15

Blunt Cup (3rds)              -  Newport: 28     Beecroft: 5

To view 1sts, 2nds and Colts - use  Cluch  - then NSW Rugby TV

Some additional footage of the above games is now available  here  

​3rd Grade video is   here    


And from 1st grade a clip of the Seva & Fridge show:

Emma 2..jpg

1st XV at 3.15pm...            2nd XV at 2.00pm       Colts at 12.45pm      3rds at 11.40am
1. Moses Keresi                   J Rides                            J Korolala                      B Williams 
2. Jed Cram        1 Try         W Evans                         K Gale                            O Pound
3. Ryley Hayes  4 Tries       D Matthes                      O Webster                     N Knight  1 Try  
4. Tom Land                         J Baczkowski                  L Brennan                     C Einspinner
5. Matt Alexander               M Andrews                     J Upton                          M Burns
6. Tom Bowden                   S. James                          Z Hill                              J Feehely
7. Byron Scott  Red  1 Try  B Caldwell                      J Schofield  2 Tries       K Vuata
8. Seva Rokoduru                T James                           L Brown     1 Try          D Farrell
9. Seb Allen                          L Poynting 2 Try 2 cnv  Z Telfer                          H Sweeney
10. Jeremy Allen   6 Cnv      J Osborne                      T Baum                          M Vicini    1 Try 
11. Nick Fretton    3 Tries   H Condon                      A Whereat                     J Finn   
12. Connor Bradshaw         H Hewitson                   W Golden   4 Cnv         B Loudon
13. Taquin Fahey                  L Grant                          H Regan                         B Bond
14. Sam Wayling                   C Pitts     1 Try              O Osborn                      T Condon  2 Tries 
15. Sam Groom    1 Try       J Wheeler                       S Essenstam  1 Try       C Walton   4 Cnv  

PREVIOUS SATURDAY  - 30 April 2022

1st Home Game - Barraclough Boys Dominant...

Results from last Saturday (30 April 2022) were...

Barraclough Cup (1sts)   - Newport: 41     Lindfield: 10

Stockdale Cup (2nds)      - Newport: 6       Lindfield: 10

Robertson Colts (Colts)  -  Match abandoned due to injury

Blunt Cup (3rds)              -  Newport: 28     Lindfield: 6

Richardson Cup (4ths)    -  Newport: 24     Lindfield: 12

Breakettes W10s   -         Newport: 36      Lindfield: 0  

To view 1sts, 2nds and Colts - use  Cluch  - then NSW Rugby TV

For 3rd grade -        click here

For 4th grade -        click here

For Breakerettes -   click here


For end of field footage of higher grades - view these links:  1sts    2nds    Colts 

Newport wishes to express sympathy for Lindfield's Colts No 8 who suffered a badly broken leg. 



 Girls -  you aren't still Front page news but Alison Guesdon has archived the many photos she too of you here 

Newport Breakers April 30 2022 at home games (89).JPG.opt1498x998o0,0s1498x998.jpg


Byron Scott - as Captain, collected the Trophy and a $1500 check after the 7s Team won all three of their games.

Congrats to all players plus Coach: James Blundell, Manager: Angus James and Trainer: Greg Lee.

Byron Warringah 7s.png
Warringah 7s.jpg

And in  February the HAMILTON 7s ...

Angus James said it best...

"Try disallowed as the hooter went - rule in 7s, bell rings ball immediately dead. Two years in a row, very hard to cop.


Boys were OUTSTANDING. BEST DEFENCE in the whole tournament - 177 - 32 (for and against), 17 of which occurred in the GF. Have a look at the speed off the deck and on the ball at the tackle. Newport should just forget the result and recognise just how good these boys were - winners all round. VERY PROUD - WELL DONE BOYS"

And Well done to Head Coach Greg Lee - on a great start to the Season.

Hamilton 7s Final.jpg
National Anthem 2022b.jpg


Saturday 29th January 2022

The Cricket was Done and Won - by the Grade boys for the second year (of two).

Awesome weather was enjoyed at Hitchcock Park from 3pm - although a late change of venue from Newport Oval was caused by a Council double- booking. But it didn't matter - Hitchcock was a great place.

If you'd like to hear one of the worst renditions of the National Anthem - of all time - then click here: National Anthem.

Perhaps we should consider a solo performance next year - but not Jed.

Pittwater Online News  - Top billing...

Not for the first time, Alison Guesdon has turned up to photograph our event.

PS: It's Guesdon not Guesden - I've had it wrong for about 12 years.

How she manages to shoot, edit, caption and publish so many shots by Sunday morning is quite miraculous.

She has covered the front page with great shots of our teams and then under the Photos link has put up around 90 pictures.  So, for a week you can view them all on the  PON website 

For posterity they've been copied to our club's server and will eventually live on our History page.

Video of the Game... 



 View Raw Clips here 

The video man was alongside the bowlers throughout most of the game attempting to get the umpire's view.

Not even Channel Nine do that!  Only trouble is - having to keep ducking in case of a ball in the lens, which often means missing catches, or more likely dropped catches.

And a wide angle lens was needed for some of the bowlers!

An interesting rule was the "PowerPlay" in which the batter or bowler had to skull a beer.

And often, a batsman when out, was lucky to make it off the field in one piece. 

The Umpires were Eddie Wayling and John Glenn (who made up his own rules to extend the game

But importantly our new Head Coach (Greg Lee) was present and he got to know the players a lot more - especially after everyone retired to the NRC Clubhouse for extensive celebrations.

Finally, the Greg Lee Memorial Trophy was discovered (named after our much liked late President back in 1979).

This will be polished up for the Season with the prospect that our new Greg Lee will enjoy drinking from it. 

It was also REGO DAY and if you haven't registered yet...
The cheaper rego link expired on Saturday 30th Jan, so now this new link will ask for $195...

Alternatively check out our Registration Page which also has Fusesport.

PatSoars Cup Movie 2022.jpg
Greg Lee 2.jpg

1st Grade Coach announced...

The Newport Breakers are pleased to announce that Greg Lee has been appointed 1st Grade Coach for Season 2022. Greg comes to the Breakers with a rich rugby pedigree:

* 2021 1st Grade Shute Shield Western Sydney Two Blues

* 2016-2020 Warringah Rugby Club incl. 2018 Premiership

* Ex- Waverley Suburban Rugby Player, Coach and Committee level including Barraclough and Kentwell Cup

The Breakers are looking for backs coaches to assist Greg for the upcoming season!

Please help us welcome Greg to Newport!

His coaching team has already had a meeting and they can be  viewed here.


Starts again in February!

Girls recommence on Tuesday 1st February 2022

Boys on Thursday 3rd February 2022


Triitag is a minimal contact low risk attack based rugby union game that incorporates the skill set and fabric of traditional running rugby.

8 v 8

Tag Rugby

Unlimited reserves

See TriTag played via  this video.

The  TriTag Draw is here 

For more details email: info@tritagrugby.com 


Interested in Rugby in 2022?

Training during the season happens 6.30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays.

TriTag Touch football and Beach training happen in the Summer.

Contact Us...

You could email us at: 


or Phone James Roberts on: 0476 786 835


You MUST be registered to play via the Fusesport App.

It's easy - Just go to this Registration Page​


We will still be expected to pay Levies and Insurance for the season so please...

Go here for info and easy ways on paying your fees. 

Breakettes News from Jed...

Tue 18 Jan 2022

Hi All - The Newport Breakettes rugby team is looking to recruit some new players for the 2022 season. It was a breakthrough year for the breakettes last year and we want to continue that and strive for bigger and better things in this new year. It consists of 7s and 10s played alongside the Newport men teams on a Saturday at home and away venues. All ages and all experience levels are welcome.

Come try something new this new year, make a bunch of new friends and just have a good time all round.

Training begins tonight 6:30, but from February will be Monday and Wednesday nights 6:30 

Usually meeting at Porter Reserve, Newport.

If you're new and interested call coach James White on: 0406 449 174

Go the Breakers!


Earlier - Sunday 20 June 2021 at 1pm...

The Breakettes were at Hassell Park, St Ives...


2021 Annual General Meeting outcome...

The meeting was held in our club rooms at 12.15 pm on Sunday 6th Nov.
The Committee for 2022 was elected and can be  viewed here 
Gus and Rebecca Hunt were nominated for Life membership, with the motion carried by the Club.
Departing Officers and Coaches were thanked and then Jake introduced our new Head Coach: Greg Lee
The 2021 President's Report can be  found here 

Results of last home games v St Patricks...

4ths: Richardson Cup:   Lost   12 - 26

3rds: Blunt Cup:              Won   25 - 5

Colts: Robertson Cup     Won 10 - 7

2nds: Stockdale Cup       Lost 5 - 12

1sts:  Barraclough Cup   Lost  10 - 32

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were live streamed on  Cluch TV 

4th grade and 3rd grade can now be viewed here:   4ths     3rds 

Womens 7s (Breakerettes) at St Ives 20 June 2021 View here:   Ladies  

And it was Pacific Islander Day...

A Cold and rainy day reduced our crowd size, but our valiant Pacific Islanders - the Vuata, Osborne and Keresi families - battled on to cook a Hangi - and serve a fine feast on our deck..


Initially, this week was to remember Moape Ravuvu who tragically passed away during a 2nd Grade game at St Ives in 2012. His family has asked for it to be changed from "Mo" Day and reimagined as "Pacific Islander Day". 

Last 1st Grade Team (v St Patricks)...

1.   Loose Head:             Ryley Hayes (Fridge)

2.   Hooker:                     Jed Cram

3.   Tight Head Prop:     Abe Dearmer

4.   Left Lock:                  Matt Alexander

5.   Right Lock:                Jordan Rides

6.   Blindside Flanker:    Sevanaia Rokoduru

7.   Open side Flanker   Byron Scott

8.   Number Eight:         Wayne Anae

9.   Scrum Half:              Sebastian Allen

10. Fly Half:                     Liam Windon 

11. Left Wing:                 Sam Groom 

12. Inside Centre:          Connor Bradshaw

13. Outside Centre:       Callum Hargreaves 

14. Right Wing:               Taquin Fahey 5pts 

15. Full Back:                  Sam Wayling 5pts 


16. Reserve 1:               Tom Condon 

17. Reserve 2:               Moses Keresk

18. Reserve 3:              

For all other grades login or get the Fusesport Phone App:

Results of Day/Night games v Hunters Hill on June 6th...

4ths: Richardson Cup:   Lost   5 - 10

3rds: Blunt Cup:              Lost   3 - 7

Colts: Robertson Cup     Lost  5 - 8

2nds: Stockdale Cup       Lost 12 - 15

1sts:  Barraclough Cup   WON  24 - 12

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were live streamed on  Cluch TV 

4th grade and 3rd grade can now be viewed here:   4ths     3rds 

Massive crowd saw the game to 12 - 12 shortly after half-time - then the lights went out.

Thank you to our Saviour - Tim Malone - for fixing them - so we could go on to a sensational win.

Previous Saturday - 29th May

We were away V Epping


Result - Not Quite a Clean Sweep...

(So the broom goes back in the cupboard)

4ths: Richardson Cup:   Won  22 - 12

3rds: Blunt Cup:              Won   14 - 12

Colts: Robertson Cup     Won  17 - 5

2nds: Stockdale Cup       Won 36 - 10

1sts:  Barraclough Cup   Drew  27 - 27

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were live streamed on  Cluch TV 

And on Sunday - 30th May...


Clean Sweep!

The Breakerettes

won all 3 of their

Sevens games.

See video of the last two here


Ladies Day - Sat 3rd July

Cancelled due to Covid

when we were to play Lindfield...


Sat 8th May - UNSW at home

Mixed Results..

Barraclough Cup - Both sides tackled each other furiously with Uni finally breaking the deadlock when downhill in the 2nd half. But the boys came back with uphill tries by hooker Jackson Barry and centre Taquin Fahey. 

Nevertheless - we went down 13 - 17.

But 2nds and 3rds got up - plus check out the Colts score!

1st Grade - Barraclough Cup:  Lost 13 - 17

2nd Grade - Stockdale Cup: Won 27 - 23

Colts - Robertson Cup: Won 62 - 7

3rd Grade - Blunt Cup: Won 25 - 7

Ladies - Breakettes : Lost 12 - 17

4th Grade - Richardson Cup: Lost 17 - 19

Videos of UNSW Games...

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were live streamed on  Cluch TV 

But, here is footage of the   Ladies - Breakettes 

And now  4th Grade   plus  3rd Grade  

More History Made...

Breakettes Inaugural win March 2021v2.jp

Trial Photos from Bantry Bay Oval...


Three, Yes Three Grand Final Wins !!!     

      and the Club Championship! 

Newport Club Champs.jpg
September 19th 2020 - Newport has won three Grand Finals !!!
Playing at Macquarie University, our guys made history by winning the Colts (Nicholson Cup), 2nds (Farrant Cup) and 1sts (Clark Cup).
Colts won 22-13 against Beecroft
2nds won 49-15 against Old Ignatians
1sts won  35-19 against Beecroft
Colts and 1sts were also Minor Premiers with 1sts undefeated.
3rds bowed out in the Final last week.
Well Done everyone!
But especially...
President Jake Osborne and 1st Grade Coach Eddie Wayling.
The games were live streamed on CluchTV
But, we also shot other footage that can now be viewed here...
Finally, Thankyou to the NSW Rugby Suburban Administration
for navigating us through this challenging pandemic year.

But there's more...

At the subbies AGM we have just won the "Suburban Club of the Year"

(out of all clubs, not just Div 3!)

Well done boys! 


2020 Annual General Meeting Outcome... 

The meeting was held in our club rooms at 3.05 pm on Sunday 29th Nov.

The Committee for 2021 was elected and can be  viewed here 

It is largely unchanged.

Adrian Langford was elected a Life member.

Jake announced we had won suburban club of the year as well as the div 3 club of the year.

The 2020 President's Report can be 

 found here 

Vice President Alan Jones and President Jake Osborne received our awards


Club Player of the Year & 

Overall Best & Fairest:                         Luke Poynting (2nd Grade #9)

Players Player:                                      Seb Allen (1st Grade #9)

Rookie of the Year:                               Charlie Einspinner (Colts, Backrower)

Highest Point Scorer:                           Chandler Walton, 100 points (1st Grade Winger)

Try of the Year:                                      Tennyson James, 2nd Grade Final vs. Old Ignatians

1st Grade Coaches Award:                  Jed Cramb (Tight Head Prop, FRC)

1st Grade Best Forward:                      Byron Scott (Openside Breakaway)

1st Grade Best Back & 

Best & Fairest:                                       Connor Bradshaw (Inside Centre)

2nd Grade Coaches Award:                Dane Russell (#10)

2nd Grade Best Forward:                    Kemba Vuata (Hooker, FRC)

2nd Grade Best Back &

Best & Fairest:                                       Luke Poynting (#9)

Colts Players Player:                             Finn Ambler (Hooker, FRC)

Colts Best Forward:                              Callum Bowden (2nd Row, Back Row)

Colts Best Back and Best & Fairest:   Remy Kovacevich (#10 / Centre)

3rd Grade Coaches Award:                 Ollie Pound (Hooker, FRC)

3rd Grade Best Forward:                     Tenny James (FRC)

3rd Grade Best Back and

Best & Fairest:                                       Joey Osborne (#10)

Club Person of the Year:                     Matt Wellings

Life Membership Nomination:          Adrian “Piggy” Langford

2020 Presentation Awards... 

Training last February...

Was happening at 6.30pm on Thursdays at Porter Reserve or beach...


All New Breakettes...

The Newport Breakers Women’s Team’s playing kit has arrived.

Here are 4 of the team - looking pretty sharp.

With thanks to the our jersey sponsors at

ZUBI cafesLJ Hooker Newport , Slocoach, Finiky Finance and

Australian Native Landscapes ANL


Newport Breakettes1.jpg

The Clubhouse is ready...
The boys put in a big working bee last Saturday March 13 2021
So, the field, BBQ area and Clubhouse are all in top shape.
Note the letters NRC inscribed on our hill by Linton Landscapes...


Events already held in 2021season...

Cricket match at Newport Oval 3pm on January 30th...

This was the Inaugural Patrick Alexander Soars Cup match,

between the 1st XV and Colts.

It was won by the 1st XV with one wicket in hand.   

The weather was fine and it was awesome to see our

teams line up in whites to sing our National Anthem.

Sensational Day. See the video here...

Patrick Alexander Soars Cup Clip.jpg

Kiama Sevens

at the awesome Kiama Showground on February 27th...

Our team just missed out on the finals - being denied a certain try as the hooter blew.

But it was still a great venue with nearby surfing and Cabin accommodation by Pool and Sea.


How we went in 2020...
1. First Game was Saturday 18th July - away at Waterloo
We played Sydney Harlequins... 

Result: 3rds: Won 8-7, Colts: Won 45-19,  2nds: Won 17-8, 1sts: Won 33-10

2. First Home Game - Clean Sweep against Beecroft

Played on Sat 25th July with 1st Grade under our new lights at 5pm

Result: 3rds: Won 36-10, Colts: Won 22-0,  2nds: Won 27-5, 1sts: Won 45-10

3. First Bus Trip - Another Clean Sweep - against Hawkesbury Valley

Played on Sat 1st Aug.

Result:  3rds: Won 43-7, Colts: Won 17-10,  2nds: Won 22-3, 1sts: Won 22-10

Rnd 4. Home Game v Blacktown - A Fourth Clean Sweep!

Played on Sat 8th Aug

Result:  3rds: Won 36-7, Colts: Won 20-5,  2nds: Won 45-0, 1sts: Won 38-0

Videos of all Grades v Blacktown...

Rnd 5. Away to Briars at Concord -  A Fifth Clean Sweep!

Played on Sat 15th Aug

Result:  3rds: Won 43-7, Colts: Won 27-0,  2nds: Won 43-0, 1sts: Won 49-17

Videos of all Grades v Briars are now here...

Rnd 6.  Away to Old Ignatians at Ryde Park

Played on Sat 29 Aug

Result: 3rds Lost: 34-12, Colts Lost: 19-17, 2nds Lost: 31-24, 1sts Won: 30-19

Videos of all Grades v Old Ignatians are now here...

Rnd 7.  Home to Hawkesbury Ag at Porter Reserve

Played Sat 5 Sept

Result: 3rds: Won 28-0 on Forfeit Colts:  Won 50-0, 2nds: Won 78-7, 1sts: Won 52-15

Videos of 3 Grades v HAC are here...


Newport has won the Club Championship & came 2nd in the Cowboy Cup - only beaten by Mosman in Div 1 who have more teams.

Top 4 Standings were... 

1st Grade - Newport (33), Beecroft (29), Old Ignatians (26), Briars (20) 

2nd Grade - Old Ignatians (35), Newport (31), Beecroft (22), Briars (20 

Colts  - Newport (30), Beecroft (28), Hawkesbury Valley (23), Old Ignatians (23) 

3rd Grade - Old Ignatians (30), Beecroft (29), Newport (29), Blacktown (16)

​Semi Finals...

Played Sat 12 Sept at Norford Park, Sefton.


3rds: Lost 18 - 5 to Beecroft. Old Iggies play Beecoft in GF.
Colts: Won 36 - 26 v Old Iggies. Newport play Beecroft in GF.

2nds: Won 48 - 0 v Beecroft.  Newport play Old Iggies in GF.

1sts:  Won 24 - 16 v Briars.  Newport play Beecroft in GF.

Videos of all 4 Grades in the Semis are here...

All grades were also live streamed on Cluch TV



2020 Presentation Reflections Movie... 


2020 Grand Finals - Highlights only (8 mins)... 

GFs Only2020 clip.JPG

Sadly, on Aug 16 - the 2021 Season was over...

Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2021
Subject: A Message from the Chairman of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union

The Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union (Subbies) has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the competition across all divisions for 2021, effective from today.   


The decision has been made in the light of the current COVID-19 restrictions and the lockdowns affecting the Greater Sydney area and follows advice and direction from the NSW State Government and the NSW Rugby Union. 


This announcement is made in conjunction with all winter sports in Sydney who have taken the joint decision to end their competitions.


While the preference of Subbies was always to return to play, the Union recognises that with the current uncertainty as to when restrictions may be lifted, it would not be possible, within a suitable time frame, to complete any more rounds or fairly run a conclusive finals series.


The Board also made the decision that no premierships, club championships or individual awards would be presented this year. 


This is the first time since 1945 that the Union has been unable to complete a season, but in the current climate it is neither practical, fair or feasible to do so. 


The Board recognises and shares the disappointment caused by this decision and would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their concern and understanding, particularly Four'N Twenty Pies, Cluch TV, Fusesport and the Rugby Club Foundation; and of course we also thank all players, coaches, volunteers and supporters and all of our clubs for their efforts during this fragmented season.


We wish you all the best and look forward to a return to the Subbies rugby competition in 2022.



John Morrison


NSW Suburban Rugby Union





The Newport Breakers Rugby Club are looking for players to join us.

Have you recently moved to the area? Do you like the idea of playing at one of Australia’s most picturesque home grounds with the ocean as a backdrop? Are you looking for a new club to turn out for? Are you travelling and looking for a rugby club to be a part of? Are you looking for 70 or so mates to hang out with on Saturdays and a couple of nights a week?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions we invite you to come down to pre-season training at Porter Reserve on any Thursday, starting at 6.30 pm.



Our 2022 season now commences on April 23rd and ends with the Grand Final in late August.

In other (non-pandemic) years - if you're from overseas, we could help you find accommodation and work whilst you get fit with us and

still return in time for your

northern hemisphere season.

The Newport Breakers are a club

that prides itself on its history, its connections with the community

and its support for its players.

We are located only 2 beaches

south of SUMMER BAY


All member enquiries can be sent to registrar@newportrugby.com.au or via Facebook Messenger to this page.






The Breakers field 4 Senior teams plus Colts and currently compete in the 2nd Division competition (Barraclough Cup).

Newport believes in mateship, hardwork and fun - with a strong community based ethos. The majority of our players are resident on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The club has in excess of 250 registered players and officials, and we pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the most successful clubs in the NSW Suburban competition.

Our home ground is located at Porter Reserve, Burke Street, Newport and we offer players and supporters the benefit of our own club house adjacent to the ground following home games.


Our Clubhouse

Our Surf

Our Ladies Day

Who we play in 2022 and Where

Kick off times throughout the 2022 season are normally as follows...

4th Grade (Richardson Cup)  -   10.45am    TBC

3rd Grade (Blunt Cup)             -  11.40 am    
Colts (Robertson Cup)             -  12.45 pm   
2nd Grade (Stockdale Cup)     -   2.00 pm    
1st Grade (Barraclough Cup)  -   3.15 pm    

Women's Rugby...

Note that the above times may vary if a women's game is included (say between Colts & 2nds)

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Holistic Physio Fitness

Our club is very fortunate to have the Physiotherapy and Medical services of Holistic Physio Fitness.

All their therapists are dual qualified Masters of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologists.

Craig, Ryan, Zach and Andrew all have extensive experience with sporting injuries with Zach currently

also a physio for the Manly Sea Eagles squad. 


If you have an injury from training or the weekend's games that needs to be assessed or treated, get in touch!!! Make sure you stay on top of your body so every grade has the best chance to field full teams each week.  



  •   Call 9999 6666 to be talked through any insurance claims. 

  •   Call and ask to speak to Andrew for free injury advice if you are unsure before potentially making a booking.

  •   Onsite gym and also free access to Fitness First Mona Vale for rehab.

  •   Reduced rates for those not on insurance coverage.

Phone: 02 9999 6666
Web: www.holisticphysiofitness.com.au

Email: staff@holisticphysiofitness.com.au

Address:  84 Barrenjoey Rd, Mona Vale.



Moape Ravuvu  1979 - 2012 


The Newport Breakers Rugby community continues in mourning as it struggles to come to terms with the passing of one of its favourite sons, Moape Ravuvu.
“Mo’’ as he was affectionately known collapsed at the end of Newport’s 2nd grade fixture against the St Ives Rugby Club on 26 May 2012. He sadly passed away and is survived by his loving wife Julie and their beautiful children aged 2, 5, and 12.

Newport is a Good Sports Club 

Good Sports Logo.png

Newport Rugby Club is proud to become a Level 3 Accredited Good Sports Club.
Newport Rugby Club is dedicated to providing healthier food choices for our players and supporters. Newport have the highest accreditation on the North Shore.




Porter Reserve, Burke Street, 

(off Barrenjoey Rd)

Newport NSW, 2106


Ph: Steve Hewitson 0412 375 743 

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Please note...

This is the Contacts page for Newport Seniors and NOT Juniors.
Registrations for new rugby players from U6’s to U18’s are through the Newport Junior Rugby Club. You can find the instructions for Juniors registration here: