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Historic Documents

For years our Historic Docs were held in plastic boxes - in the back room of the Clubhouse.

Later, they were moved to Steve Hansen's office. But, on his retirement, Ilkka Tales took on the job of having most of them scanned into a Dropbox drive.

He created a folder for each year from 1963 (Juniors), through the Senior's start in 1976 and right through to the last in 2010.

Now though, we have copied them again - to our shared website drive.

So, we have Ilkka to thank for the link below.

There you can enjoy perusing the mass of correspondence that was needed to get us our Paddock, Clubhouse and Amenities. And you'll learn who our pioneers were and what they went through to get us what we have now.

But there's plenty of Rugby "Gems" amongst it, such as Greg Lee's amusing "Special General Meeting" in1980 which loosely refers to how Tony Davies went to the Blue Mountains a week early and John Porter was left behind at Lane Cove after a piss stop (and no one noticed!).

Plus there's a host of "Breakers News" produced in the early 90's.

In them you'll find "The Phantom Speaks" and a number of funny Player profiles.

So enjoy...

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