About these videos...

Most of the videos below were shot as clips that can be viewed in series.

To date 6 of them (GFs from 2016 to 2019) have been

spliced into a single movie with the after game celebrations included.

They can all be viewed online, but for best results

you may like to download them before viewing.

NEW: A Full Movie is featured here...

Currently:  2019 Colts Grand Final

2020 Videos & Photos

BlazeAid work at Braidwood 1 Feb

Trial at St Ives (Grade only) 04 July...

Trials at Lindfield + Kariong 11 July...

NRC v Sydney Harlequins Away 18 July...

NRC v Beecroft at home 25 July...

NRC v Hawkesbury Val Away 1 Aug...

NRC v Blacktown at Home 8 Aug...

NRC v Briars Away 15 Aug...

NRC v Old Ignatians Away 29 Aug...


NRC v HAC at Home 5th Sept...


NRC Semis at Norford Park 12th Sept...                                                                                          

NRC Grand Finals

at Macquarie Uni 19th Sept... 


Photos from GF Day are here

2019 Videos & Photos

Training at Bilgola Beach 17 Jan

Training at Bilgola Beach 2 Feb

Trial at Woy Woy 23 Mar

NRC v Old Ignations Away

NRC v Blacktown at home

NRC v Brothers at home

NRC v Beecroft away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley at home (-Red)

NRC v Redfield away at Somerville

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Ladies Day shots

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Video

NRC v Old Ignations at home

NRC v Blacktown away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley away

NRC v Brothers away 27 July

NRC v Redfield at home

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag away

NRC - Semi Finals(4) at Norford Park

NRC - Grand Finals - 3rds and Colts at TG Millner

ColtsReflections2019 (6 mins)

ColtsGrandFinalMovie2019 (54 mins)

3rdGradeGrandFinal2019 (55 mins) 

Bro Walk - Surf Club to Bilgola 21 Dec

Beer Race Waterloo.JPG
NRC 1sts v Blacktown at Home 2019.JPG
NRC v Blacktown 2020 Live.jpg
2018 Colts GF.JPG
2017 3rd Grade GF.jpg
2003 Barraclough GF.JPG

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