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About these videos...

Cluch TV took over with live broadcasts of 1sts, 2nds and Colts in 2020.
Many games fr
om then on can be found on the NSW TV site
But, some have been added to our Archives below

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2024 Videos & Photos 

Saturday 23rd March 2024 

Trial One v Manly Savers at Porter Reserve

See Videos and Photos    here  

Saturday 3rd February 2024 

Cricket Day at Newport Oval - Images are    here   

And Video of the game is    here  

2023 Videos & Photos 

Saturday 19th August 2023 

1sts - Grand Final v Lindfield at Concord Oval - Cluch Grab is    here   

Colts - Grand Final v Lindfield at Concord Oval - Cluch Grab is    here   

Reflections Movie 2023 is    here     (19mins)

Reflections 2023 Frame.jpg

Saturday 12th August 2023 

Colts - Preliminary Final v UNSW at Concord Oval - Cluch Grab is    here   

Saturday 29th July 2023 

Hawkesbury Valley at Home 

1sts - Full Cluch Grab is    here   

Colts - Full Cluch Grab is    here   

Saturday 22nd July 2023 

W7s Semi Final v St Pats at Lindfield Highlights are   here   

Men Away to Epping

Highlights of 1st Grade are held   here   

Saturday 8th July 2023 - Pacific Islanders Day 

Pics and video of all grades v UNSW + W7s are held   here   

Saturday 24th June 2023

Home v Hills - Piggys 450th Game

A cast of legends joined him to put on a 3rd Grade against a much younger outfit   

See it all   here  

1st Grade v Hills at home H/Ls are   here    

Colts v Hills at home H/Ls are   here  Colts

Saturday 17th June 2023

W7s v Lindfield Blue at Home is   here 

Men had a Bye

Saturday 13th May 2023

Men Away to UNSW at Daceyville 

W7s away v Lin White and Lin Blue at Lindfield

Tries from all games are   here  

rds H/Ls are here

Saturday 29th April 2023

Home v Lindfield

Cluch feed can be seen   here    (Code required)

1st Grade - Highlights (9 mins) are   here  

2nds - Some clips (4 mins) are   here   

W7s - Highlights (6 mins) are   here   

Colts - Highlights (7 mins) are   here   

Crowd Pictures from the Day are   here  

Saturday 3rd June 2023

Away to Briars - Colts H/Ls are   here 

Friday 28th April 2023

Opening of Ladies Changing rooms 

Australian 7s girls attend opening

Pictures from the Evening are   here  

Saturday 15th April 2023

First home game v Briars

Cluch feed can be seen   here   

Link to all Other footage...

1sts Highlights (all tries), Boatrace are   here  

W7s - Joy Johnson Cup Rnd 2 v Lindfield at Boronia Park

The Cluch feed of the Breakettes is   here  

Saturday 22nd April 2023

Away at Yattenden v Hills

Cluch feed can be seen   here    (Code required)

Highlights from Day (all tries) are   here  

Saturday 1st April 2023

Briars v Hawkesbury Valley Colts Game

Cluch feed can be seen   here   

W7s - Joy Johnson Cup Rnd 1 v Lindfield & UNSW

The Cluch feed of the Breakettes is   here  

Saturday 18 Mar 2023 - Trials v St Ives & Woy Woy at Porter Reserve.

All Video of Newport trials are    here   

(Also includes the Start of Jim Allen's Trial) 

Saturday 11 Mar 2023 - Trials v Colleagues

at Forest High School.

A Video of the Colts trials is    here   

A Video of the Grade trials is    here   

Saturday 18 Feb 2023 - Warringah 7s -

Grand Final Winners...

All Footage and Images shot on the day are    here   

Warringah 7s Cheque 2023.png

Saturday 11Feb 2023 - Hamilton 7s -

Grand Final Winners...

All Footage and Images shot on the day are    here   

Hamilton 7s 2023 Country Mens GF WinnersNoSign.jpg


2022 Videos & Photos

Saturday 10 Sept 2022 - Grand Finals...

1sts and 3rds played in Sunshine at TG Milner before a Sea of Breakers

3rd  Grade (Blunt Cup) was lost 5 - 7 against Hills

1sts (Barraclough Cup) was won 17 - 12 against UNSW

Both games were live on   Cluch  

All Cam's Video clips and Photos from the day were recorded   here  


1st Grade's Grand Final and then the Presentations are now in this Movie...


3rd Grade's Grand Final is captured by Cam here...






Saturday 3 Sept 2022 - Finals...

1sts, 2nds, Colts and 3rds played knockout finals in atrocious conditions at Norford Park.

3rd  Grade (Blunt Cup) won 15 - 7 against UNSW

Colts (Robertson Cup) lost 19 - 20 v Eastern Suburbs (Penalty on bell)

2nds (Stockdale Cup) lost 25 - 0 v UNSW

1sts (Barraclough Cup) won 13 - 3 v Lindfield

All games were live on   Cluch  

Video clips of the day were also recorded   here  

Saturday 27 Aug 2022...

Our 2nd Grade (Stockdale Cup side) have won their Elimination Final 15 - 10 against Sydney Harlequins

View the game from the sideline on   Cluch   (with the Duckman)

Or the Full game from the try lines was recorded by Cam   here  

Hawkesbury Valley 

at home on 20th August -

​1sts, 2nds, and Colts were available live on   Cluch  

3rd Grade - full game is   here   

Colts highlights are   here  

2nd Grade highlights are   here  

1st Grade highlights are   here   

Speeches and some Boat race are    here  

Crowd shots (cropped/enhanced) are all   here  

Lindfield away on 13th August -

​1sts, 2nds, 3rds and Colts were available live on   Cluch  

More 3rd Grade footage (only 2 clips) is   here   

4th Grade footage is   here  

Womens 7s footage is available   here   

Over 35s (Nasties) footage is available    here  

Speeches and Boat race are    here  

Blacktown 1sts & Colts only at home on 9th July -

1sts & Colts were available live on   Cluch  

Some "End of field" Try footage was taken and is available

here...   Colts   and   !sts   

Old Ignatians at home on 2nd July -

2nds and 1sts were available live on   Cluch  

Iggies had no 4ths and forfeited 3rds and Colts

Almost too wet to play but some shots

plus the boat race are  here  

UNSW away on 25 June -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on   Cluch  

Only other video (clips) were by Nicky Warren which are joined together and visible here:   4ths   

Old Barker at home 18 June & Ladies Day -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on   Cluch  

Full videos by Cam are here:   4ths      Breakettes 

Shots of our Ladies at The Newport and after- match

celebrations including Boat Race are here:    Photos 


But "The Newport Movie" with our girls  is   here  




And Ladies Day on Pittwater Online News is   here  





Colts v Lindfield at home on 9 June -

View full video under lights   here   

Hills Away on 28 May -

To view 1sts, 2nds and Colts - use  Cluch  - then NSW Rugby TV

3rd Grade Video can be viewed  here 

4th Grade Video is  here 

Beecroft at home 7 May -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on   Cluch  

3rd Grade Full video by Cam is:    here  

Footage from other Beecroft games is:      here  


A short clip from 1sts (Seva & Fridge  Try) is:     here  

Lindfield at home 30 April -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on   Cluch  


Further footage by Cam is here: 

 Colts     2nds     1sts    

Full videos by Cam are here: 

  4ths     3rds    Breakettes 

Pittwater Online News...

A Photo Album of the Breakettes on 30 April is   here  

Hawkesbury Valley Away 23 April -

Clips from Colts, 2nds and 1sts is    here   

3rds v Hawkesbury Valley Away

Warringah 7s 20 Feb

Cricket at Hitchcock Park 29 Jan

The "Patrick Alexander Soars Cup" videos

The National Anthem video  

Plus links to Pittwater Online News Archives...

The Paddy Cup 2022 permanent page is at :


The album for this year’s shots is at: - around 750 images, some actually in focus


Last year’s report is at: and under Newport’s Section there too.


The album for the 2021 shots is at:

3rds v Hawkesbury Away.jpg
Warringah 7s.jpg
PatSoars Cup Movie 2022.jpg
The Newport Movie.jpg
1st Grade Grand Final 2022.png
NRC 3rd Grade Grand Final v Hills 2022 .png

2020 Videos & Photos

BlazeAid work at Braidwood 1 Feb

Trial at St Ives (Grade only) 04 July...

Trials at Lindfield + Kariong 11 July...

NRC v Sydney Harlequins Away 18 July...

NRC v Beecroft at home 25 July...

NRC v Hawkesbury Val Away 1 Aug...

NRC v Blacktown at Home 8 Aug...

NRC v Briars Away 15 Aug...

NRC v Old Ignatians Away 29 Aug...


NRC v HAC at Home 5th Sept...


NRC Semis at Norford Park 12th Sept...                                                                                          

NRC Grand Finals

at Macquarie Uni 19th Sept... 


Photos from GF Day are here

Piggy's 2017 Try Movie  (3 mins)          

2020 Reflections Movie... (24 mins)

Grand Finals Highlights Only (8 mins)

2019 Videos & Photos

Training at Bilgola Beach 17 Jan

Training at Bilgola Beach 2 Feb

Trial at Woy Woy 23 Mar

NRC v Old Ignations Away

NRC v Blacktown at home

NRC v Brothers at home

NRC v Beecroft away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley at home (-Red)

NRC v Redfield away at Somerville

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Ladies Day shots

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Video

NRC v Old Ignations at home

NRC v Blacktown away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley away

NRC v Brothers away 27 July

NRC v Redfield at home

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag away

NRC - Semi Finals(4) at Norford Park

NRC - Grand Finals - 3rds and Colts at TG Millner

ColtsReflections2019 (6 mins)

ColtsGrandFinalMovie2019 (54 mins)

3rdGradeGrandFinal2019 (55 mins) 

Colts Grand Final 2019  (WIX video)

Bro Walk - Surf Club to Bilgola 21 Dec

Beer Race Waterloo.JPG
NRC 1sts v Blacktown at Home 2019.JPG
GFs Only2020 clip.JPG
2018 Colts GF.JPG
NRC v Blacktown 2020 Live.jpg
2017 3rd Grade GF.jpg

2011 Video of Richardson GF

from The Shire, with a slideshow of almost all who played for NRC that year. 

(NEW Sept 2022) 

4th Grade v Forest Grand Final 2011 (1 hour)

2022 4ths V Forest GF.jpg
2003 Barraclough GF.JPG

1979 Muswellbrook + 80s Ski Trips

& some of 1981 Bunt Cup Grand Final

NRC's Inaugural 1979 Trip (27mins)


Our Big Bucket of Photos

Photos from the past (Over 56 years)

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