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Cluch TV took over with live broadcasts of 1sts, 2nds and Colts in 2020. From 2021 onwards we will mainly have only 3rd and 4th grades recorded here.

2022 Videos & Photos


Beecroft at home 7 May -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on

3rd Grade Full video by Cam is here:


Footage from other Beecroft games is here:


A short clip from 1sts (Seva & Fridge  Try) is:

Lindfield at home 30 April -

Colts, 2nds and 1sts were available live on


Further footage by Cam is here:

Full videos by Cam are here...

Pittwater Online News...

A Photo Album of the Breakettes on 30 April is:

Hawkesbury Valley Away 23 April -

Clips from Colts, 2nds and 1sts is:

3rds v Hawkesbury Valley Away

Warringah 7s 20 Feb

Cricket at Hitchcock Park 29 Jan

The "Patrick Alexander Soars Cup" videos

The National Anthem video  

Plus links to Pittwater Online News Archives...

The Paddy Cup 2022 permanent page is at : https://www.pittwateronlinenews.com/Patrick-Alexander-Soars-Cup-2022-Newport-Rugby.php


The album for this year’s shots is at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fVzK5NsZ7d8gvRZQ7 - around 750 images, some actually in focus


Last year’s report is at: https://www.pittwateronlinenews.com/Inaugural-Patrick-Alexander-Soars-Cup-Newport.php and under Newport’s Section there too.


The album for the 2021 shots is at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4Cjvd5Xfd5a5Mhw87

PatSoars Cup Movie 2022.jpg
Warringah 7s.jpg
3rds v Hawkesbury Away.jpg

2020 Videos & Photos

BlazeAid work at Braidwood 1 Feb

Trial at St Ives (Grade only) 04 July...

Trials at Lindfield + Kariong 11 July...

NRC v Sydney Harlequins Away 18 July...

NRC v Beecroft at home 25 July...

NRC v Hawkesbury Val Away 1 Aug...

NRC v Blacktown at Home 8 Aug...

NRC v Briars Away 15 Aug...

NRC v Old Ignatians Away 29 Aug...


NRC v HAC at Home 5th Sept...


NRC Semis at Norford Park 12th Sept...                                                                                          

NRC Grand Finals

at Macquarie Uni 19th Sept... 


Photos from GF Day are here

Piggy's 2017 Try Movie  (3 mins)          

2020 Reflections Movie... (24 mins)

Grand Finals Highlights Only (8 mins)

2019 Videos & Photos

Training at Bilgola Beach 17 Jan

Training at Bilgola Beach 2 Feb

Trial at Woy Woy 23 Mar

NRC v Old Ignations Away

NRC v Blacktown at home

NRC v Brothers at home

NRC v Beecroft away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley at home (-Red)

NRC v Redfield away at Somerville

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Ladies Day shots

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag at home - Video

NRC v Old Ignations at home

NRC v Blacktown away

NRC v Hawkesbury Valley away

NRC v Brothers away 27 July

NRC v Redfield at home

NRC v Hawkesbury Ag away

NRC - Semi Finals(4) at Norford Park

NRC - Grand Finals - 3rds and Colts at TG Millner

ColtsReflections2019 (6 mins)

ColtsGrandFinalMovie2019 (54 mins)

3rdGradeGrandFinal2019 (55 mins) 

Bro Walk - Surf Club to Bilgola 21 Dec

Beer Race Waterloo.JPG
NRC 1sts v Blacktown at Home 2019.JPG
GFs Only2020 clip.JPG
2018 Colts GF.JPG
NRC v Blacktown 2020 Live.jpg
2017 3rd Grade GF.jpg
2003 Barraclough GF.JPG
1999Kentwell Cup GF.jpg

1979 Muswellbrook + 80s Ski Trips

NRC's Inaugural 1979 Trip (27mins)


Our Big Bucket of Photos

Photos from the past (Over 56 years)