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February 15, 2024 - Golf at Sawtell/Coffs Harbour - Pier Hotel

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Dave Hunt, Gus Hunt and Mark Upton or Muppy are leading the BBs this year

Newport Broken Breakers

(Supporters Club)

BB's Fees for 2024 are set at $120...
* Free beers - 2 per home game.
* An invitation to Sponsor’s Day on the deck of the finest Rugby Clubhouse in Sydney.
* Chance in the $100 per home game badge draw which jackpots if the winner is absent.

* You’ll be helping to pay for the facilities and maintenance of our Club.

* Clothing - At present - Dave tells us that we'll be getting a golf polo with embroidered logo  

Quick way to join...

Dave writes...

Despite the cost-of-living crisis we have made the first big call of the season, and that is to keep BB’s 2024 at $120.  

All the usual benefits will still apply, 2x beers at home games, badge draws and the annual Broken Breakers/Sponsors Day booze up the deck. 
In order to have you all looking dapper for the first home game we will be placing an order soon for some BB golf polo’s.

What we need from you is to deposit $120 with your name and shirt size as reference.
Example: BB Luke Wilson XL or BB Dave Hastie XXL or BB Barry Green S
EFT  to …. BSB 082 116 ….  Account 637602084
Please include your name as a reference to the EFT with shirt size
Enclose a cheque and post to
Newport Rugby Club, PO  Box 197,  Newport NSW 2106

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The Broken Breakers are sponsored in 2023 by Peninsula Palms:
Please support this valued partner of the Broken Breakers.
This year the club is competing in the 2nd division Barraclough Cup competition.

Manager position available...
This is important...
If anyone can spare the time to help manage a Team - please let us know.
Now is the time to get involved, help a team and have fun doing it.
Approximate job description...
Be there before your team runs on to dish out Jerseys, handle the paper work, see to balls and take stats for the coach.
You might also help them with a few pointers from your vast experience and maybe even teach them the Laws of the Game.
Enquiries to:


Footy Tipping...
We invite you to join the NRL and SUPER RUGBY tipping competitions.

The new BBs tipping competition is in place and it’s now called Broken Breakers 2024.

Note that again this year, the winners will be decided after the Grand Finals.
The winner of either the Super Rugby or NRL - gets a free membership to the BB’s next year.

It’s free to join, is really easy and a lot of fun.


Super Rugby Starts 23 Feb 2024 - Ends 1st June 2024 - 15 Rounds + Finals in June
NRL Starts 3 March 2024 - Ends 8 Sept 2024 - 27 Rounds - then Finals in September

Click on the link below and get started...

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Get the Fusesport phone app...

If you are a Player then go to the Registration page for instructions on registering.

But for all you BBs, the steps are given below for using the Fusesport App to view the teams and live scores  from each game - even when you are elswhere.


It is very easy to install - then set your Newport teams and away you go. 

Here are the steps for installing the Fusesport App to see scores... 


For iPhones, search for “fusesport” in the App Store:                                          and install.


For androids, search for “fusesport” in the Playstore:                                          and install.

 Search for Newport 

On the “My Teams” screen search for "Newport",

Select it from the list and you will then go to the home page for Newport.

 Add our Five teams 

Add the teams by clicking on the green “+” in the top right hand corner.

You will want to add the following Cups...

Newport - Barraclough Cup

Newport - Stockdale Cup

Newport - Robertson Cup (Colts)

Newport - Blunt Cup

Newport - Joy Johnson Cup (Womens 7s)

 See Schedules & Scores 

Select “Schedules and Scores” to access your team’s competition.

From here you will have access to information on every game.

 Select Round 

Select the Round you wish to view via the scrolling tab across the top.

The app will always default to the current Round.

You will see all games, venues and kick-off times, along with scores.

Clicking into a particular game will give you access to:

a. That game’s scoring details via the “Score Sheet” tab.

b. That game’s player line-ups and stats via the “Player Information” tab.

c. Note – in both tabs you can switch between teams via the orange bar at the top. 

 Enjoy live score updates 

Remember, AJ will be entering scoring details LIVE every Saturday, so you can keep an eye on all the action across the whole competition as it happens.

To check your team’s standing, select “Ladder” from  your home page.

Ladders will be updated mere minutes after full time.


BB's History...

The Broken Breakers started in 2000 when we realised that whilst some of us had stayed involved with the Breakers through various roles, other ex-players felt they did not know any of the current players.

Therefore, they did not feel part of the club anymore.

The 100 club (although we never got to 100 members) was up and running, so it was easy to convert this to Broken Breakers.


The whole idea was, that having joined the BB’S and when wearing our Broken Breakers Gear, that the current players would recognise that whilst some of us looked like we could not make it across the field and back, we were just like them once, and had played and bled on the same paddock as they were currently doing.


It was then opened-up to those who had not played for Newport but were like us, ex-Rugby players and supporters & lovers of the game they play in heaven.


The BB’S has grown over the years with 85 members being our biggest year.

We have become a vital link between past and present players and the club benefits from our subs, which are mostly paid before the season kicks off and therefore provide much needed funds to operate, before the BBQ/bar taking’s kick in.


It’s great to see on Game day all the BB’s kitted out as one in front of the BBQ area. I know the current players enjoy scoring in that corner as well as singing the club song in front of us. It is a great community to be a part of and you never know who you might bump into on a winter afternoon at Breaker Stadium.

Most of us get better with age & the older we get the better we were.


We are the envy of other clubs who would like to have the support & strong connection to their ex-players that we do.


Why the Hell you played the game...

Northy found us this AWESOME POEM...

When the battle scars have faded
And the truth becomes a lie
And the weekend smell of liniment
Could almost make you cry.

When the last rucks well behind you
And the man that ran now walks
It doesn’t matter who you are
The mirror sometimes talks

Have a good hard look old son!
The melons not that great
The snoz that takes a sharp turn sideways Used to be dead straight

You’re an advert for arthritis
You’re a thoroughbred gone lame
Then you ask yourself the question
Why the hell you played the game?

Was there logic in the head knocks?
In the corks and in the cuts?
Did common sense get pushed aside?
By manliness and guts?

Do you sometimes sit and wonder
Why your time would often pass
In a tangled mess of bodies
With your head up someone’s......?

With a thumb hooked up your nostril
Scratching gently on your brain
And an overgrown Neanderthal
Rejoicing in your pain!

Mate – you must recall the jersey
That was shredded into rags
Then the soothing sting of Dettol
On a back engraved with tags!

It’s almost worth admitting
Though with some degree of shame
That your wife was right in asking
Why the hell you played the game?

Why you’d always rock home legless
Like a cow on roller skates
After drinking at the clubhouse
With your low down drunken mates

Then you’d wake up – check your wallet Not a solitary coin

Drink Berocca by the bucket Throw an ice pack on your groin

Copping Sunday morning sermons
About boozers being losers
While you limped like Quasimodo
With a half a thousand bruises!

Yes – an urge to hug the porcelain
And curse Sambuca’s name

Would always pose the question
Why the hell you played the game!

And yet with every wound re-opened
As you grimly reminisce it
Comes the most compelling feeling yet
God, you bloody miss it!

From the first time that you laced a boot And tightened every stud 
That virus known as rugby Has been living in your blood

When you dreamt it when you played it
All the rest took second fiddle
Now you’re standing on the sideline
But your hearts still in the middle

And no matter where you travel
You can take it as expected
There will always be a breed of people Hopelessly infected

If there’s a teammate, then you’ll find him Like a gravitating force 
With a common understanding And a beer or three, of course

And as you stand there telling lies
Like it was yesterday old friend
You’ll know that if you had the chance You’d do it all again

You see – that’s the thing with rugby
It will always be the same
And that, I guarantee
Is why the hell you played the game!


Sorry - coudn't find the author - let us know if you can.

Happy Days!

Historic BBs' Tales...

Peter Berry (BB - below left) convinced me at NSLC that he had scored the first ever try for the Newport Breakers. And Geoff Hookam (BB - below right) reckons he passed him the ball. Ask them about it.
Peter was shipwrecked on the Galapagos in 1977.
It's an amazing story of survival and if you like a good read...
  We have Peter's story here   
It gives new meaning to the term "Sea gulling".

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