1st Home Game 24 April - Porter Reserve

Movie Time - 1999 Kentwell Cup at 12 noon.


Key Dates & Information for 2021...

Past Events in 2021...

Trials - Saturday 27th March:

The Trial v Ourimbah + Ettalong Drinks has been cancelled due to rain.
However a new trial has been organized at Bantry Bay Oval, Seaforth from 12pm for both Grade and Colts. 
Grade should be there 11am.
Opposition = Manly Savers and other teams.
All able bodied players should head there this Saturday, but know that you must have registered with Fusesport if you are to run on, instructions for doing that are here.

Bantry Bay Oval.JPG

Kiama Sevens

at the awesome Kiama Showground on February 27th...

Our team just missed out on the finals - being denied a certain try as the hooter blew.

But it was still a great venue with nearby surfing and Cabin accommodation by Pool and Sea.

Cricket match

at Newport Oval 3pm on January 30th...

This was the Inaugural Patrick Alexander Soars Cup match,

between the 1st XV and Colts.

It was won by the 1st XV with one wicket in hand.   

The weather was fine and it was awesome to see our

teams line up in whites to sing our National Anthem.

Sensational Day. See the video here...

Patrick Alexander Soars Cup Clip.jpg

Past Events 2020...

Full contact training and matches were allowed from 1st July 2020 

at Porter Reserve 6.30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Dates of games for 2020 were...

(For the Draw go here)

  • Gov. to announce sports community club grant of $1,000 to make ground safe.

  • July 1st: Subbies announced 500 persons allowed on the day 

  • See below for full subbies statement

Trials began on Sat 4th July 2020...

Sensational day playing St Ives at Hassell Park.

Trial on Saturday 11th July - was at Lindfield - off Tryon Rd

Sat 5th Sept... Last Home game and Tackling Violence day...


July 1st 2020 - Just in from Subbies...



A new Public Health Order was issued last night affecting Subbies Rugby with immediate effect.




  • Each club must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan. (You should have already done this, but may now need amending.)

    • Click the link for the government approved COVID-19 safety checklist

    • Keep a copy of the Safety Plan and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer as requested.

    • Good resources for you at the NSW Office of Sport


  • Limits for training and match days is now 500 people. This includes EVERYONE – players, coaches, managers, medical, committee, volunteers and spectators.

  • Full contact training and matches are allowed.

  • All training equipment is allowed.


  • We are advised that clubs are not required to collect people’s contact details – particularly if they are entering your canteen or clubhouse solely for the purpose of collecting food or drink to consume outside. CHECK WITH YOUR COUNCIL.

  • Clubs are still required, as previously advised, to get ALL MEMBERS of your club to register themselves via the Fusesport Rugby App – Players, Coaches, Managers, Physios, Canteen workers, Committee, Volunteers, etc

  • BBs/supporters should also register with Fusesport and instructions are here.

  • Even if you already have the App, please use the "Register" option to enter your name as a supporter.


  1.  We recommend change rooms, where possible, not be used for pre or post-match team gatherings or team talks

   2.  All teams should have as part of their team kit a supply of disinfectant wipes.

   3.  The sharing of water bottles is prohibited. Players are to provide their own clearly marked water bottles so that it is easily identifiable to all.

   4.  We recommend dirty jerseys not be shared between players. Ensure adequate clean jerseys for each starting lineup and eight reserves/team.

   5.  Don’t leave playing equipment and team apparel lying around. Clean it. Store it.  

   6.  Your physios should be across this, but physio tables, medical areas are to be thoroughly cleaned between “patients”.

   7.  At the conclusion of the match, teams must vacate the playing area and remove any equipment, apparel and used tape from the area.

Pre-Covid19 Events in 2020...

  • Pre-Season starts 16th January - Tuesdays (Gym) and Thursdays (Touch/Train)

  • Working Bee - 18th January 

  • Mural painted on change room wall - 18th January

  • Rats Colts Bootcamp - 25th January

  • Players Dinner 30th January

  • BlazeAid Bushfire Relief - 31st January + 1st February

  • Committee Meeting 6th February 6.30pm

  • Season Launch at Monkey Bun Fri 28 February 6.30pm.  All Welcome.

  • Woy Woy Trial by Ferry to Ettalong - 14th March Cancelled due to no team to play 

  • Northern beaches subbies trial 21st March  Cancelled due to CV19

  • Ten-a-side Competition 28th March & 29th march Cancelled due to CV19

  • Division Grading early April ??

  • The first game was to be 18th of April (the week after Easter)Postponed due to CV19

Sat July 4th 2020

Season Re-launch at Pittwater RSL...

Party started at 5pm Saturday July 4th after trial

It was also an Americana Independence Day party with cheer girls.

Over 61 went.

Monkey Bun put on free burgers for players to celebrate the relaunch of our season.
Great night enjoyed by all - especially after the lockdown.



1. Appointment of Club Patron

2. Apologies

3. To confirm the Minutes of the 2019 AGM

4. To receive the 2020 AGM Report

5. To receive the Treasurer’s Financial Statement for the year

6. Election of Office Bearers for 2021

7. General Business

Past Events 2019

Butter's & Ella's Fairwell

Date: Saturday 14th December

Venue: Changed to Newport Surf Club (Toilets closed at Rugby Club)

Time: 12pm to 6pm

Butters and Ella are having a farewell before they make their permanent move down the south coast.
It will now be at the NSLC on Saturday the 14th of December from 12pm-6pm.
They would love to share one more beer and a snag with you all before they leave.
Rock up whenever. Butters and Ella will be providing snags and snacks you just need to buy beers.
Let them know if you will pop in!

Domestic Violens Annual Breakfast Flyer.

Cancelled (Rain)

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