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Below are the next key dates...

Bus Trip                                                                Sat   1/06/2024

Domestic Violence                                                 Sat   22/06/2024

Pacific Islanders Day                                        Sat   6/07/2024

Ladies Day                                                               Sat   3/08/2024  

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 Who we will play in 2024 and Where...

In 2024 we are competing in the Sub-District 2nd Division, comprising 3 Senior men's teams, plus one Colts.

The Ladies will play for the Joy Johnson Cup - they won the inaugural comp last year, and their points will contribute to Club Championship and Cowboy Cup standings.   

Kick off times throughout the 2024 season are normally as follows...

3rd Grade (Blunt Cup)             -  11.40 am    
Colts (Robertson Cup)             -  12.45 pm   
2nd Grade (Stockdale Cup)     -   2.00 pm    
1st Grade (Barraclough Cup)  -
  3.15 pm    

 Women's Rugby 7s (or 10s)... 

Note that the above times may vary if  Women's games are included (say between Colts & 2nds)

3 x 7s games have to be played within an hour in a round robin series of 3 clubs

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Draw 2021


Who we played in 2021 and Where

Who we played in 2022 and Where

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Womens' Joy Johnson Cup 2023 Fixtures...

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