Draw 2020


Published June 22nd - Final draw...

Note also that a trial is set for July 4th at Hassell Park v St Ives & Balmain 

And another v Lindfield (either home or away) on July 11th TBC.

Who we play in 2020 and Where

Kick off times throughout the season are as follows...

3rd Grade (Campbell Cup) -  11.40 am   
Colts (Nicholson Cup)        -  12.45 pm   

2nd Grade (Farrant Cup)   -   2.00 pm

1st Grade (Clark Cup)        -   3.15 pm    

Night game on 25th July has different times...

3rd Grade (Campbell Cup) -  1.30 pm   
Colts (Nicholson Cup)        -   2.35 pm 

Junior Opens                       -   3.50 pm

2nd Grade (Farrant Cup)   -   5.05 pm

1st Grade (Clark Cup)         -  6.20 pm

Shute Shield 2020 Draw...

Old NRC Draw from  2019...

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